Our vegetable drip system is designed according to the crop. Watermelons which are sparsely spaced have 1 drip line per bed, tomato, cabbage, pepper have 2 drip lines per bed and closely spaced crops like onion, garlic, strawberry, herbs have 3 drip lines per bed. Crop spacing determines the emitter spacing used on the drip line. Grekkon Limited drip pipes have a flow rate of 1.5 liters to 2 liters per hour, are 0.4mm thick and 16mm in diameter. We have an option of single or double emitters on each drip line. The former for low water gravity flow, the latter for high pressure machine pumped water flow.



Button drip irrigation is used on biannual and perenial crops that are sparsely spaced and require large amounts of water. Orchards, forestry, parks and hedges are watered using this system. We install both adjustable and none adjustable button dippers with flow rates of up to 70 liters per hour.


Our plastic or brass sprinklers are designed to work under low gravity and high pressure water flow. Water discharge rate, optimum working pressure and spray radius is determined by the nozzle size, for which we have; 1/2″, 3/4”,1″ and 1.5”


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